AddIn - Status: Toast


I think at this point it's been accepted that Toast Notifications are quite irritating,
and after 20 years of internet usage people are amazingly good at killing pop-ups without reading them, but regardless of all that
here's how to make a toast notification from a Status Bar add-in.

This demo isn't terribly Add-In specific, the toast code could be used by any application, but it's nice to know you can make it work inside of CX as well:

Start by creating a standard form, remove the border and add a timer. On the timer tick we'll move our window and adjust its size appropriately. We do a bit of other magic to make sure that resizing and hiding the parent form is handled correctly, but this is the gist of it: - "jam, jam, jam" reference

Full source is available on Bitbucket under / AddIns / StatusToast /

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