Announcing the CXDev Toolbox

45 North Solutions, the sponsors of, are pleased to announce the release of the CXDev Toolbox, a platform of tools and utilities for Oracle RightNow CX developers and system administrators. The initial release includes three tools that are useful to every RightNow project and site.

Screenshot of the CXDev Toolbox

Account Importer

The Account Importer tool provides a key feature missing from the Oracle RightNow CX platform. While most other objects can be imported using the built in Data Import Wizard, the Staff Accounts table is not supported. Most implementations either write a custom import script using the APIs, or some unlucky developer is tasked with manually entering each Staff Account. In both cases, this is a time consuming task. With the CXDev Toolbox Account Importer, you can now import Staff Accounts from a CSV file. The tool supports importing new staff account records from a CSV file with the ability to specify most standard fields and all Custom Fields and Custom Attributes. A task that used to take multiple hours can now be completed in a matter of minutes.

Account Unlock

When one of your agents accidentally locks their Staff Account, their productivity comes to an immediate stop. The CXDev Toolbox Account Unlock tool provides System Administrators with a quick view into all of the locked accounts on your RightNow CX site. Within a couple of clicks, one or more accounts can be unlocked allowing your agents to get back to work providing superior service to your company's customers. Additionally, System Administrators can change account passwords and specify that the account password must be changed on the next login.

ROQL Tester

The RightNow Object Query Language (ROQL) is very powerful database query engine, yet it is filled with quirks and performance gotchas. The CXDev Toolbox ROQL Tester is a utility that allows a developer to quickly execute ad-hoc queries without having to write a custom PHP script or SOAP enabled application. The utility supports both tabular and object queries. Use it to quickly check your query syntax, test the speed of a query, or quickly retrieve a data record.

These three tools are just the beginning. The CXDev Toolbox has an ambitious roadmap that includes an SDK to write your own utilities and tools and a Marketplace for additional tools and utilities. Your feedback is important and will guide future development efforts. Additionally, if you find a bug or have a feature suggestion please leave a post at this discussion topic: CXDev Toolbox Questions and Comments.

The CXDev Toolbox is free to use and can be downloaded today from

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* Added support for anonymous usage statistics gathering - this is optional and can be turned off at any time. A full log of the data we're gathering is also available through the application

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