The Case of the Disappearing Navigation Section AddIn

On a recent project many agents reported issues with their CX Desktop because a very, very important component was mysteriously missing. This particular component was a Navigation Section AddIn that enabled an important integration with the client's external systems. After a lot of time spent triaging and debugging, we finally found the reason why this AddIn would disappear from some agent's consoles.

Navigation Section Example

There is a quirk in RightNow that occurs when a user resets their "Local Settings", which is a common activity when the console starts acting wonky. When "Local Settings" are reset, any Navigation Section AddIns are no longer visible to the Agent.

Any agent can reset their "Local Settings" using the following method:

Reset Local Settings
  • Navigate to the "Application Button" in the top left corner of the Console.
    Hint: It's red and looks like the Eye of Sauron.
  • Select the "Options" button.
  • From the "Personal Settings" area, find the "Local Data" section
  • Under "Local Data", check the box next to "Reset Local Settings" and click "OK"

Once reset, any AddIn based Navigation Sections will disappear.

Users can resurrect them using one of the following methods:

  • Completely close down the CX Console and re-open it
  • Manually re-enable the Navigation Section using the "Options" menu

     Reset Navigation Sections
    • Navigate to the "Application Button"
    • Select the "Options" button
    • From the "Navigation Section" area (third tab), find the "Navigation Pane Section Order and Visibility" section
    • Under this section, the agent will be able to select any unchecked boxes corresponding to hidden Navigation Section AddIns

In my option this is a bug in the product. The only feasible work around for this quirk is through agent training. If agents are aware of this behavior and a solution they can fix the issue themselves without having to bother your CX administrator.

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