cURL and Async CPMs

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If you are using cURL in an asynchronous CPM to post data to an external endpoint, beware. Calling the \load_curl() method will usually load the cURL library, unless the back-end SPM process that runs your particular instance of the CPM already loaded the library! In this case the CPM will fail, in what appears to be an inconsistently reproducible way.

Get in the habit of wrapping your \load_curl() method like this:

if (!function_exists("\curl_init"))


why we are using CURL in PHP?

but php RN asynchronously not accept CURL

Hi Ben Johns

you have a example of integration of wsdl in RN with PHP

It works fine against asynchronous web services..

great thanks for the info.
i currently have a situation where when i test my cpm it passes and returns all the values i want from the endpoint url.
when its deployed it is getting a http_response of 0
when i add a ping function i can see in the test harness that i get good ping results and then when deployed i get 'site down'
have you seen this before ? the IP is one that routes through an established vpn connecting Oracle to the Client

CURL works fine in CPM but it is failing in File manager scripts.
cant we use curl in FM ?

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