Custom Attribute Regex Patterns

When field formatting comes into play, custom fields (which are supposedly, maybe, possibly, eventually going to be deprecated) provide a proprietary method of formatting text fields using a character-by-character format code. This is only helpful in limited scenarios, so thankfully, when custom objects were developed, regular expressions were allowed! Read more about POSIX Regular Expressions.

There is, however, an annoying aspect of the agent experience In the CX console. If an agent enters invalid input, the error message upon save cryptically shows the regular expression pattern to the user! And sadly, there is no way to specify your own custom error messages unless you build your own custom AddIn, which truly defeats the handiness of having the fields automatically available in the workspace UI in the first place.

And, as always, remember that currently only Custom Fields can be used in standard business rules (not Custom Attributes).

Some common regular expression patterns:

Phone format ###-###-####
Decimal number to precision 2

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