CXDev Toolbox - Account Unlock


This tool is part of the CXDev Toolbox, an extensible platform for tools and utilities that support the management, maintenance and development of an Oracle RightNow CX site. Toolbox utilities and tools provide features to System Administrators and Developers that are either missing from the core Oracle RightNow CX platform or only possible through a lengthy custom development effort.

  1. Click 'Find Locked' to search for locked sites
  2. Set password options for the unlocked accounts
    1. Select 'Change on Login' to force the user to change their password on the next login
    2. Select 'Reset password' to specify a password or to generate one using the refresh button
  3. Preview the locked accounts. Select the accounts you want to unlock, multiple can be selected by holding down CTRL
  4. Click "Unlock Selected" to unlock the selected accounts
  5. Alternatively click "Unlock All" to unlock all accounts

To download the CXDev Toolbox visit

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