CXDev Toolbox - Overview


The user interface is broken into three main sections, the Ribbon, the Navigation section and the Main Content area. For those familiar with CX this should be fairly similar.

The ribbon has three groups: Site (see below), Logging (#1) and Display (#2). These will all be discussed in greater detail later.

The navigation pane consists of two areas: Tool-specific functionality (#4) and a list of available tools (#3) selecting a tool will load it into the navigation section and the primary content pane
The main content pane (#5) will display the user interface for the selected tool

Getting Logged In

Some tools require that a SOAP connection be established before they can be used (#2). To connect to a site enter the site information and your user
credentials (#1). The site URL needs to be to your SOAP endpoint. If you don't know your SOAP endpoint or would like to have it generated for you, you
can use the site wizard:

  1. Site Wizard button
  2. Enter your site name and interface name. The interface name will default to your site name, but can be overwritten.
  3. Hit OK to have the generated URL populate the login information

Once you've populated all of the fields, hit the Login button to unlock the tools.

Ribbon: Logging

  1. Enable or Disable Logging
  2. Control where the detailed log information is displayed. Either below or to the left of the log entries
  3. Export the current log to an XML or CSV file
  4. Clear the log

Ribbon: Display

  1. Change the current color scheme
  2. Toggle the log panel
  3. Show the About dialog
  4. Show the Help dialog


If logging is turned on (#1) then all SOAP traffic and any tool specific information will be written to the log. The log interface can be toggled using the Log button in the ribbon (#2)
or unpinned (#6). You can also grab the Log bar (#5) and undock it from the main interface.
The log is broken into two sections: an overview on top that shows the time it was created, the tool or component that logged it, a summary and a detailed description. The bottom section is
an expanded view of the description.


  1. Description of the current tool
  2. Related Links
  3. CXDev Toolbox description
  4. Current version
  5. Link to the CX Developer Toolbox page


  1. Tool specific help
  2. CXDev Toolbox description
  3. Current version
  4. Link to the CX Developer Toolbox page

Tool specific information can be found under the CXDev Toolbox tag.

To download the CXDev Toolbox visit

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