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This tool is part of the CXDev Toolbox, an extensible platform for tools and utilities that support the management, maintenance and development of an Oracle RightNow CX site. Toolbox utilities and tools provide features to System Administrators and Developers that are either missing from the core Oracle RightNow CX platform or only possible through a lengthy custom development effort.

Tabular Queries

Tabular queries only return the fields specified by the query. This type of query is recommended when performance is a concern due to the smaller SOAP payload.

  1. Select Tabular query mode
  2. Specify a record limit. This will be enforced before a query-level LIMIT. The maximum value is 10,000
  3. The query to execute
  4. Click to start the query
  5. Results of the query will be displayed here
  6. All successful queries will be added to the history so they can be easily re-ran later

An asterisk (*) can be used in the field list to include all primary fields on that object.

For example: SELECT * FROM Contact will return all of the contacts in the database and populate the following fields:

  • ID
  • LookupName
  • CreatedTime
  • UpdatedTime
  • ContactType
  • Disabled
  • Login
  • Organization
  • PasswordEmailExpirationTime
  • PasswordExpirationTime
  • Source
  • Title

An asterisk can also be used to get all available sub-properties. For example SELECT ID, CustomFields.c.* FROM Contact
will get the ID of the contact and all custom fields ('c' could be replaced with a custom object namespace like 'CC' to get all
custom attributes in that namespace).

Object Queries

Object queries return the entire SOAP object. This type of query is helpful when a large portion of the object is needed.

  1. Select Object query mode
  2. The query to execute should include the object name in the field list
  3. Click to start the query
  4. The ID and LookupName of the object is displayed
  5. Selecting an object from the left will allow you to explore it's properties. Double click on a property to drill in
  6. Back up one level
  7. Reset the object view

Query History

  1. Access the history
  2. All successful queries will be stored in the history. Double click to select one, or right click and select 'remove' to remove it from the list
  3. Queries can be pinned to the top of the list to allow them to be quickly found

To download the CXDev Toolbox visit

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