CXDev Toolbox Updated with CCOM 1.4 and support for Bulk Delete Queries


We just rolled out an important update to the CXDev Toolbox that enable some new and exciting usages of the tool.

The biggest update is an under-the-hood change to use version 1.4 of the Oracle Service Cloud SOAP API. When it is available (applies to any sites Aug 2017 or newer), the toolbox will prefer this version for operations and communication. If you are on an older site, you are still supported. The toolbox will automatically use the latest available version of the API theoretically back to version 1.0 (but no guarantees).

If anyone runs into any problems, please post a comment. We have a hard (i.e. impossible) time getting OSvC test sites, so we rely on field-reports to identify issues and bugs.

Why update to 1.4? For one big reason; the new API version supports the Bulk Delete API which is used through a ROQL query. With this new update (and your August 2017 and later site), you can now run DELETE operations via ROQL.

Whatever you do, DO NOT query DELETE FROM Contact WHERE ID > 0; (Note: Really don’t do this! Deletes are limited to 1000 records at once, but this would still cause some havoc).

Other ROQL Tester improvements include:

  • Correct result counts when submitting multiple ROQL queries
  • Ability to resize result set window divider when submitting multiple ROQL queries

We also rolled out a brand new tool for executing reports (by ID) from the toolbox. The initial release was limited and didn’t support filters. This update expands those features to include runtime filters for reports.

Thanks and happy CXing.

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