CXDev Toolbox V3 Now Available


A brand new rewritten version of the CXDev Toolbox is now available from the Microsoft Windows Store. This new release represents a major step forward for the tool, and it includes new features and improvements that set the stage for future additions.

Get the new version today from

Why a new Version? Why the Windows Store?

After our previous license management and distribution vendor suddenly and mysteriously closed their doors (BinPress), we were left scrambling to find a new way to both distribute the app and support subscription based professional licenses. We quickly patched the app so that it could keep running and went back to a self-hosted link in order to keep the tool functioning. This was a stop gap until we could rethink the toolbox strategy and put in place a more durable solution.

After much consideration, the team determined it was time to go back to the drawing board and effectively start over. We selected the Microsoft Windows Store as our platform because it provided a). excellent options for pro-licensing b). appealing revenue-sharing terms c). is operated by a stable and durable company. The downside of this decision is that users can only run the new toolbox on Windows 10 (or later) workstations. For users stuck in the past, you still have the option to keep running the old version of the toolbox.

What Changed?

The biggest technical change is that the main user interface has been moved from Windows Forms to WPF. WPF provides better support for high-DPI (4k/5k) monitors and is the future for windows UI development. While doing this rewrite, we took the opportunity to rethink the navigation structure and overall layout. For example, with the new v3 Toolbox you can:

Home Tab

Manage connections and access available tools from the new "Home" tab.

Site Connection Manager

Define and SAVE!! multiple site connections. No more re-entering passwords (unless you want to).

Workspace-based View

Tools open as OSvC-like workspaces and provide more real estate for their user interfaces. Launch and quickly switch between the tools you need.

Site Version Information

The window title displays connected site URL and version.

Site Quick Launch

Quickly launch any installed OSvC sites by right-clicking the CXDev Toolbox App Icon

Pro Subscriptions

The toolbox with the four main plugins (Account Importer, Account Unlock, PHP Stub Generator, ROQL Tester) is available for free for personal use. A professional license is available for $9.99/month and includes two additional tools (Meta Compare, Object Cleaner) and more on the way.

Subscriptions can be purchased through an in-app link (top-right corner) and maintained through your Microsoft Windows Store account. Those that purchased pro licenses from the previous toolbox version will be contacted and provided with new license keys free of charge.

Known Issues/Support

If you run into issues installing or using the new toolbox, add a comment to this forum post:

The following known issues (and solutions) have been identified by the team.

Adding Back-to-Back New Connections Causes duplicates

There is a bug when adding multiple new site connections. The bug occurs after the first new connection is made after the application is opened. The first connection succeeds, but when a user tries to add another new connection a duplicate of the first connection is created instead of the expected new connection.

Work Around: While we address this issue, the work around is to close the application after creating a new connection, re-open the application, then add the next connection. Repeat this process for as many connections as you need to add.

SQL Server Filestream issue

Certain installations and configurations of SQL Server can conflict with the some Windows Store applications! When the issue is present, you will receive a "The data area passed to a system call is too small" error when attempting to launch the toolbox.

These Microsoft articles both describe the details and provide steps for fixing the problem.

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I ended up here from a comment on the Oracle Service Cloud Community but cannot download because my organisation does not allow access to the Windows app store. Is there any other way I can get hold of this please, even if it's an older version?

Chris Carter
WHG (International)

There is a standalone installer for the previous version here.

That version is not without it's drawbacks though so if it's possible to submit a request to your administrators to install the MS Store version I'd recommend it. There are some corporate and lifetime subscription options we can explore if you're interested in unlocking the advanced features.

Thanks for the interest,

Thanks for your help, Jack

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