First Annual TBD (ToolBox Day)!


The toolbox has been doing really well and I want to thank everyone for their support by releasing a new tool for free. In the last month alone we gained 81 new users and have users from 22 different countries and 19 states in the US. The ROQL Tester is the favorite tool by about 50% with the Account Creator next in line and then the Account Unlock and PHP Stub generator. And most exciting (for me): we’ve got 70% of users on the new 2.0 toolbox. I’ve attached our analytics report to this post if anyone is interested in concrete numbers.

We generate far more tools than we publish. As developers we're very good at fixing problems, but very bad at writing words and so we finish tools but never generate the marketing pages necessary to publish them. Today I want to offer a sneak peak into a new tool we've created: The Workspace Generator. (We have the most inventive names, no?). It does pretty much what you expect: you point it at a CBO and it generates a workspace for you to import into CX/OSvC/RightNow/WhateverYouCallIt. It's very handy if you've generated a CBO with 100 fields and don't want to take the time to drag and drop each one of them onto the workspace editor. It has two workspace templates, a simple list that puts every field in order, or a tabbed template that takes a field name splits it by the first underscore and groups them together (for example name_first and name_last would both go on the Name tab).

As a "thanks!" for your support we're going to give away this tool for the rest of the week (until 5pm MST on Friday). Click the link below to claim your free copy: or click this link to see the start of its store page and learn more about how it works:

If this is your first a-la-cart plugin I'd also recommend to learn how to get them installed.

When is the next ToolBox Day happening? TBD.

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Do you do any add-in training for companies? We have a few people starting out and would be interested.

We've provided training in the past but currently don't have any formal offerings. However, we've been working on it and hope to have some potential curriculum options posted soon. Our current thought is to have 1, 3 and 5 day offerings, with each building on the others. These could either happen remote or on-site depending on the number of attendees. I'll finish my homework and get the options posted. I'll let you know when they're up and we'll see how well they fit your needs.


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