Important August 2017 SOAP API endpoint change

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Warning: August 2017 SOAP API change

With the August 2017 release of Oracle Service Cloud, the SOAP API endpoint has been changed AND the old WSDL URL is NOT backwards compatible. This quiet, instant and important change can cause some chaos and broken integrations depending upon your tools and set-up.

We learned about the API endpoint change through an informal channel but didn't expect a breaking change to the WSDL endpoint. Best practice is to gradually roll out these type of changes by supporting both the new and old URLs for a few releases while customers transition. While SOAP requests sent to the old endpoint are still working (based on our testing), we felt it was necessary to make this more widely known to the community.

SOAP Endpoints

Pre-August 2017 August 2017
WSDL URL https://<your_site>/cgi-bin/<your_interface>.cfg/services/soap?wsdl=typed https://<your_site>/services/soap/connect/soap?wsdl=typed
SOAP Endpoint https://<your_site>/cgi-bin/<your_interface>.cfg/services/soap https://<your_site>/services/soap/connect/soap

We have observed some interesting behavior on a May 2017 site related to this change. The new SOAP endpoint is available and works in this version BUT the WSDL can't be retrieved through this path. Instead, the WSDL must be retrieved from the old endpoint URL. We haven't been able to check this on other pre-August 2017 sites but would be interested in your observations. Leave comments below with your findings.

Integrations using SOA Suite or other frameworks

Any external systems that are calling the SOAP API need to be updated to use the new endpoint as soon as possible. There is no knowing how long the old SOAP endpoint will continue to work. If your integration relies upon the WSDL, you will need to update this URL as soon as possible.

SOAP Connection from AddIns

If you are using the _globalContext.GetInterfaceServiceUrl(ConnectServiceType.Soap) method from the AddIn framework, your code should automatically utilize the correct SOAP API url. If you are using another mechanism, you should evaluate your AddIn before upgrading to August 2017.

CXDev Toolbox now supports August 2017

As a related topic, the CXDev Toolbox 2.0 has been updated to automatically detect and support post-August 2017 sites. If you haven't upgraded to the latest toolbox, download it for free at the CXDeveloper Store Site.

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