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Do you ever move lots of Staff Accounts from one Profile to another? We do! If you use standard Oracle Service Cloud product features it takes a VERY long time. With the standard process you must individually open a Staff Account record, open the assigned Profile modal window, select the Profile, then save and close the record. Imagine if you had to move 20, or 50, or 100 Staff Accounts to a new Profile? That would take FOREVER!

With the new Account Migrator tool for the CXDev Toolbox, this task now takes minutes instead of hours. Quickly move all (or some) of the Staff Accounts from a source profile to a target profile in a single click. Simply load the Account Migrator tool and select your source profile from a list of your site’s Profiles. All of the Staff Accounts assigned to the profile are displayed and you can select which of them you want to migrate. Next, choose your target profile from a drop down list. The tool will also display the Staff Accounts assigned to the target profile to help you confirm that you made the right selection. Finally, click the Migrate Accounts button to move all of the selected Staff Accounts to the new Profile.

The new release and tool has been pushed to users automatically through via the Windows Store. If you haven’t installed the new CXDev Toolbox (v3), get the new version today from

This tool is very useful if you roll out new major features to agents by working in a copy of the old profile. This is a technique we use a lot on transformation projects. You copy the profile, assign new workspaces, configure new rules, etc without affecting your current agents. When you are finally ready, you can roll out the changes by simply moving everyone to the new profile. This works if you are working directly in production, or have a test site but migrate your assets to production for final testing. It makes for a much less frantic overnight roll out where you have to get everything migrated, tested and working before the agents log in. Instead you just migrate everything to a new profile, test with a couple staff accounts assigned to the new profile, then cut over the agents whenever you are ready using the Account Migrator tool.

With the introduction of the Account Migrator in the CXDev Toolbox, Pro-subscribers now have access to 10 tools (and counting) that make developing and administering Oracle Service Cloud a breeze. Many of our newer tools, including the new Account Migrator, are in “Preview” which means that they are available to all CXDev Toolbox users. Once the preview period is over, these powerful new tools will only be available to “Pro” subscribers.

Consider signing up for a “Pro” subscription today! You can sign up by clicking the “Start Free Trial” link in the top-right of the application window. Your support helps support ongoing development of the CXDev Toolbox and the creation of new tools.

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For the SSO enabled profile, the staff accounts created for that profile doesn't need password. While importing staff accounts for that profile, it thrown me a validation error as the Password field is a mandatory field in CXDev Toolbox.

Rasheed Ahamed

Just set a dummy password or use the generate password feature. It doesn't hurt to set a password for SSO profiles. They will still be able to log in via SAML regardless of what the password is.

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