Version Matrix has been updated

It's been FAR too long since any of us have posted. It was an extremely busy Q3/Q4 for 2015, and the expert posts got neglected. I have a lot of good articles planned for 2016, so stay tuned. As a teaser, I've got the following topics on my list. Leave a comment to vote for which should be tackled first.

  • Using Memcache in CP
  • Improving Async CPM's by using Static variables
  • Setting up Azure AAD with RightNow Agent SAML
  • CP Dynamic Forms API patterns and tips
  • Handling Agent Session timeouts in AddIn framework

In the meantime, I've updated the Version Matrix with info up to the 15.11 release.


I hope I am not too late. Did you already wrote about these topics? If not, I would really like to see these 2 tackled to the ground first:
- Improving async CPM's by using static variables
- Setting up Azure AAD with RN SAML

Thank you!

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