CXDev Toolbox

CXDev Toolbox - ROQL Tester


The ROQL Tester can be used to quickly validate a ROQL query's syntax, test performance of a query, or find important information without needing to log into a site or run a report.

CXDev Toolbox - Overview


A brief introduction to the CXDev Toolbox, it's user interface and overall features.

Announcing the CXDev Toolbox

45 North Solutions, the sponsors of, are pleased to announce the release of the CXDev Toolbox, a platform of tools and utilities for Oracle RightNow CX developers and system administrators. The initial release includes three tools that are useful to every RightNow project and site.

PHP Stub Classes for Connect PHP 1.1 (Updated)

One of the many wonderful things about IDE"s is the ability for automatic code completion. Many IDE's support this feature by utilizing PHPDoc code commenting, including Netbeans and Eclipse. Oracle Development hasn't been so kind as to offer ConnectPHP class stubs, so up until now code completion for ConnectPHP has been non-existent. This bugged me for a long time, but I finally decided to do something about it; using PHP Reflection, I was able to generate PHP Class stubs for the entire API. By downloading the class stub file and putting it in your IDE project's sources folder, you will magically get code completion for ConnectPHP!


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