Accessing a Custom Object for an AddIn with check boxes


Hello I have been trying to create a multi-select drop down that is populated by a CBO.
The Menus are created and populated but I cannot get the check boxes to display correctly aligned with the data from the CBO...

Any ideas?


Can you give me a bit more background on what you've got set up and what you're trying to do? It sounds like you've got one or many CBOs (that are either standard objects or ones that generate menus) and these have been populated with values (using OOTB methods). You've also created a workspace add-in that uses the SOAP API to pull all of the values from each CBO and display a set of check boxes? When the workspace loads to looks for some relationship between the CBOs and the record and pre-populates the check boxes? When the workspace saves it creates the relationships between the checked CBOs and the record (and destroys any unchecked ones if needed)?

So what I have are 3 CBO menus that are accessible on the incident workspace.
What I would like to do is to have each one of the menus allow for multselection so when the record/incident is saved it will retain the states that are selected.

I am somewhat new to the AddIn frame work and usually do more work with Java&PHP for integrations.

But other than what I have add you have the gist of what I am trying to do.
Do I need to use the SOAP API to get the values of the BO's to populate some sort of list that can then be iterated over? Or am i able to directly access the BO's via an AddIn and display them in the work space.

Thank you.

Between your menu CBO and your incident you'll need a join table, just something that stores incident ID and CBO ID. (If it were just a single selection you could just use a custom attribute.) This table will have to be queried and updated using the SOAP API, as the add-in framework generally won't get you multiple children of an object. The SOAP documentation can be found here: and a tutorial for getting it set up within an add-in is here: you'll need to use a ROQL query to look at the existing objects in your join table and then use destroy and create methods to manage the user's selections.

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