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This tool is part of the CXDev Toolbox, an extensible platform for tools and utilities that support the management, maintenance and development of an Oracle RightNow CX site. Toolbox utilities and tools provide features to System Administrators and Developers that are either missing from the core Oracle RightNow CX platform or only possible through a lengthy custom development effort.

Single Import

A single Account record can be created by:

  1. Select Single from the mode toggle
  2. Optional: Define the parameters for password generation. Standard character groups can be selected and the length can be specified
  3. Optional: Custom character sets can be specified
  4. Populate the fields for a new Account. All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required
  5. Optional: Clicking the Verify button will check for existing accounts with the same login
  6. Optional: Clicking the generate button will create a random password using the constrains specified in #2
  7. Select a group and profile from the dropdown to have the correct ID populated. Clicking the refresh button will check for new values on the site
  8. These fields will be populated once the record has been imported
  9. Click to create the record
  10. Click clear to reset the form to its default values

Multiple Record Import

Multiple records can be imported at once by:

  1. Select Multiple from the mode toggle
  2. Optional: Define the parameters for password generation
  3. Generate a CSV template file then populate the template with the desired information. The first 5 fields are required. Fields should not be reordered or removed.
  4. Open your CSV data file
  5. Optional: Generate passwords using the constrains specified in #2
  6. A preview of your import will be displayed here. Modify values as needed
  7. Click to start the import
  8. Import progress will be displayed here

Multiple Record Import with Custom Fields and Custom Attributes

  1. Custom fields can be included in the template by clicking 'With Custom Fields' from the Generate Import Template dropdown button.
  2. Select the fields to include in the template
  3. Hit OK to generate the template

Note: Date and DateTime fields should be specified as MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS

To download the CXDev Toolbox visit



Can you please tell us what is the maximum no of accounts can be imported in single batch for this tool?


I've imported 10,000+ before. it breaks it up into manageable chunks so there really shouldn't be an upper limit

I deleted the Country ID = 1 US. After that, I can not import new accounts. Is this a problem or I did something wrong?

Iam facing an issue similar to @renankiel,
I tried importing single account and the upload was failed showing below error.

Upload Failed: Invalid ID: No such Country with ID = 1
While processing Account->Country(rnb_v1_2::NamedID).

Please suggest a solution.

Rasheed Ahamed

It's likely that your installation of CX just doesn't have a country with an ID of 1. In CX if you go to Configuration->Internationalization->Countries and mouse over each you'll see their ID. In the instance I'm looking at the US has an ID of 1, your system may be different.

Alright, Is there a way to pass a different Country ID from the Toolbox instance? Couldn't see a Country field.

Rasheed Ahamed

It is not currently possible to set the Country ID for the newly created account. I'll add it to my todo list for the next release. In the mean time you might be able to create a new US entry, however I'm not sure if it's ID will be set to 1 or not

No, if you create a new US entry, it generates a new ID. Thank you to include it in your todo list. It will be useful for me in the future.

the newly released version of the toolbox (see includes a fix for this bug

Hi Jack,

I have installed the application but I am getting the error below...

How can I check this and find how to resolve?

<s:Envelope xmlns:s="">
<Action s:mustUnderstand="1" xmlns="">QueryCSV</Action>
<h:ClientInfoHeader xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:h="">
<AppID>CXDev Toolbox</AppID>
<s:Body xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="">
<QueryCSV xmlns="">
<Query>SELECT ID FROM Account WHERE Login = 'irungu.irene' LIMIT 1</Query>


This is just a query that the toolbox runs on login to make sure you've got adequate permissions for the site. The toolbox relies on the SOAP API, so the first place to start is with the profile for your user, it needs to have the Account Authentication flag for the Public SOAP API enabled, on the Permissions Ribbon tab. If that doesn't do the trick let me know



I created a staff account through this tool, and it is also showing me status Uploaded, but Account is not created in OSVC.

Can you please tell me why this is happening?

What does the request/response logging say? If you click "Log" button in the ribbon (pre v3) or "Log" menu (v3) it will bring up a panel that lists all requests between your OSvC and the tool. It's a good way to see what's happening under the hood and can better reveal the result of the import. We don't use anything more than the standard SOAP API for most of these tools.

How are you validating that it wasn't created?

Also, are you using the old toolbox, or the new version (


Thank you for the quick response.

I am using a version of CXdev, and in the request, it is going all the data whichever I passed and in response OSVC giving Account ID.

To validate, I am directly checking in Service cloud instance, but it is not showing any data with particular ID or information.

And it's imported now.

Actually, I am trying in demo instance that's why it was not working perfectly.

By the way, very nice tool. Thank you for coming up with this simple tool.

Glad to hear it worked. If you enjoy the tool, try the latest version.

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