Working with Workspace Records


This tutorial will show how you can use the AddIn Framework to access and modify information on a workspace. In this case I'll be creating a button that assigns the current incident to the logged in agent.

  1. Start by setting up your project as described in previous tutorials I'm going to gloss over the creation of the add-in and focus on the changes related to workspace data. See Hello World Workspace Component for a project setup tutorial.
  2. Handle the DataLoaded on the record context to grab a copy of the Incident record after ensuring we're on the correct workspace type. Note: if would be really nice if the workspace type could be verified while inDesignMode, but it wasn't implemented that way.

  3. Handle the click event to update the assigned field

  4. That's it. Now whenever you click the button the current incident will be assigned to the logged in acct

Before Click:

After Click:

Full source is available on Bitbucket under / AddIns / Access Workspace Data /


Is same thing can be done for Asset workspace?
I followed the same steps for asset but unable to default it.

Issue: when a field1 changes to specific value then field 2(readonly textbox) has to populate with logged in user name.
I created an addin in which when a field changes and changes  to yes then execute my addin. In rukeactioninvoke I gave the actionname and got the loggedin username.
How to set that value to the asset workspace.??

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