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If you are experiencing technical issues with the CXDev Toolbox v3 (Windows Store), encounter a bug, or have a feature suggestion, please let us know by posting a comment to this discussion thread.

If you are using the legacy click-once installed toolbox, please upgrade to the latest version.

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Hi - I am getting the following error when loading CXDev Toolbox.

"Failed to load plugins: Initialization of 'Xceed.Wpf.Toolkit.DropDownButton' threw an exception.

The program then loads but when I try to 'Add New Connection' it just crashes.

Any suggestions? Thank you.


(Windows 10)

Hi, we are looking into the issue. Will have more info (or a new build) up in the next day or so.


Hi. A quick update. We have been trying to reproduce the issue but so far have not succeeded. Is there anything special about your environment? What is the latest .NET version you have installed?

"Failed to load plugins: Initialization of 'Xceed.Wpf.Toolkit.DropDownButton' threw an exception."

I have v. and am having the same issue. I am using .NET Framework v. 4.8.

Standard OOTB Windows 10 environment. Home Office, non-corporate.

Thank you.


I have imported a bulk amount of StaffAccounts and the import was successful, however I would like to request for adding the Currency ID column too, as it is a mandatory field while creating a Staff Account. Currently only the Country ID is present in the tool. If there is a case where multiple countries and currencies are used, it will be problem for mapping while importing if there is no Currency ID column. Kindly add the Currency ID column.

Rasheed Ahamed

Hi Rasheed,
Thanks for the feedback. A currency option has been added to the latest version/build. It should auto-update next time you open up the toolbox. The windows store rolls out updates over a few days, so it may take a day or two to become available. Give it a try and tell us what you think.



Is Products and Categories Import feature is on the roadmap of this tool?
What are the predicaments involved in implementing that?

Rasheed Ahamed

Downloaded the tool, it's working great. I can't seem to find anywhere to see what the pricing is to unlock the pro features.

Am I missing something?



Hi Alex,

In the top-right corner of the tool there should be a Start Free Trial button next to Help, (or Manage License if you've already started a free trial). If you click on this it should present you the list of different plans and allow you to sign up for them through the app. Please let us know if you run into any issues.


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