Chat persistence and embedded

I wanted to ask a question about a new functionality I am working on. We would like to embed the RightNow Chat into an iFrame window on our main site. We need the chat to be able to rebuild itself on any pages on our site. I have been reading the Chat.Communicator.js, Chat.Model.js, Chat.Controller.js, and the Chat.UI.js files to understand how the system treats closing the window, disconnections, reconnections.

If I understand it all correctly, I should be able to reset the chat cookies to a time expire vs session expire, write some new methods for closing off the connections and setup a cleaner reconnect or force reconnect script. Our main website would have to be passed the chat id variables and chat url that it generates when setting up a chat, and pass that data into our system.

Has anyone written this type of a system up yet? I don't want to rebuild the wheel if I don' t have to. Also, are there any logical or code issues that could have problems with setting this up?

I want to post this code once it is setup so other people can find/use to integrate chat! I have not been able to stumble on this yet.


I have tried live chat software UK and it works suitably for my website. It has made it easy to interact with the website visitors, and assist them by answering quickly.

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