Chat Queues Not Routing


Hi, We have created 3 chat queues, and have written business rules for the chat queues like "if Contact.organization equals xxx Then assign chat queue to xxx, how ever if we are initiating chat from the customer portal the chat queues is routed to default chat queue inspite of the fact that we have mapped the custom field Contact.organization to the respecitve chat launch landing page of the customer portal Note: We have created (Duplicated) 3 sets of Chats for 3 organizations (Single Interface) and and did the same for other 2 organizations as well. Say for instance if a customer logs into the organization xxx custhelp page and initiates a chat, according to the business requirement it has to land on the respective agent belonging to the organization, but unfortunately the chat is not routing to the specific organization's chat launch rather its going to the default chat, kindly help me in this regard as to how to go about.
below is the code where we have mapped the organization using custom field created in the agent desktop (Please Refer Image attachment)


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