Current Status of RIghtNow, dotnetbar, wpf?

I am trying to figure out what is the best route to take in using libraries like DotnetBar as discussed on this site.
I am however not sure what the current status is of the updated UI interface of RightNow. Is that written in WPF, and how does one know?? When I look at the dotnetbar dll file of a new site it says version When I look on the site of DotNetBar this can only be the version for Winforms, as the one for WPF is at a much lower version number.

Could it be that they partially upgraded? The new navigation bar for example looks like the new WPF DotNetBar, but I do not see a WPF dll in the installation directory. Or maybe they just restyled the UI using the Winforms DotNetBar..

Basically I need to know the current status and the direction they are going for, so I can align myself with that. I hope you guys have some inside information, or maybe figured this out?

- What is the status of the WPF implementation for RN, sitewide, or partially?
- How is the dotnetbar library integrated, are they using winforms, wpf or are they abandoning this slowly?
- Should I write my addins in WPF, is that possible?

thanks a bunch,


My feeling on RNT's version of DotNetBar (I have no proof of this) is that _way_ back in the day they bought a site license with source and promptly never paid them another dime. The version of DNB used by the CX console is basically it's own beast and while it has some of the features from DNB it definitely isn't up to the latest version. As long as you stick to basic features you can use the version that's bundled with the product (assuming you've got a dev license) and everything will work as expected. If you're trying to use some of the newer DNB features you'll need to load your version of the DNB dll into the product (I would recommend doing this as a status bar or some other type of global add-in) though you'll have to deal with namespace collisions. Generally more of a hassle than it's worth in my experience.

WPF controls aren't natively supported last time I checked, but it's pretty simple to host a WPF control inside of WinForms by just using an ElementHost. I've done this in the past and it works just fine. I used to have a sample around here somewhere, if you need it let me know and I can try to track it down.

Hey Jack,

version was released in end of 2012, check
So that must mean that they did upgrade at some time. I am not going to rely too much on their dotnetbar dll, nor am I going to try to use their own dll's as discussed before. Better safe than sorry...


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