Integration with Contact Center Software

Hi, we are integrating Oracle Service Cloud with our Anywhere 365 platform. AW365 currently handles all phone and SMS text inquiries.
We are able to retrieve contact information, including incidents from Service Cloud and display them in our AW365 console window.
The part we are having problems with is being able to click on the contact that is pulled from Service Cloud and open that corresponding contact in the Service Cloud console. Agent will be logged in.
Same goes with the incident. Click on the Incident in AW365 and open that incident in Service Cloud.

Any help or documentation steering us in the right direction would be most helpful.

Thank you.


I think what you're looking for is the "screen pop" functionality, that lets you deep link from a local application to a specific record or report in service cloud. This should work for what you need to do, but does have some limitations.

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