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Using PSLog Library within CPM


I have an interesting situation....

I am using a CPM to try and write to PSLog.

While I am able to instantiate the class from the /cp/lib directory and call the methods I am unable to produce an entry in the logs.

The ID will increment but the row is not visible.

If I attempt to log something from the CP Pages; everything works perfectly fine.....

Any ideas?


I'm not sure if Oracle has kept the PSLog library up to date. I wrote the original library many years ago while at RightNow (prior to CPMs existing in the product), and would not recommend using it at this time. You could inspect the site error logs to see if the CPM is throwing an error and rolling back the DB (sounds likely). I'd recommend writing to your own log table; or my team at 45 North Solutions has a more modern log library for a one-time license fee that works well in the latest versions of the product for both CP and CPMs.

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