WebComponents/Polymer and Syndicated ConditionalChatLink Compatibility?

Our custom site is built with Polymer (0.5 upgrading soon to 1.0). We're trying to use the Syndicated ConditionalChatLink widget but it seems they are not compatible. It appears when RightNow.Client.js calls document.getElementById("myChatLink") to initialize onclick event handlers nothing is returned because Polymer's shady/shadow DOM effectively hides it.

I thought I had a work around but it's intermittent. When the sccl_0 variable is valid and defined I can call 'sccl_0.chatLinkClicked();' from my Polymer chatLinkTapped event handler. The rest of the time I get "Uncaught ReferenceError: sccl_0 is not defined."

Is there a reliable way to ensure sccl_0 is defined? Or is there another way to be able to invoke chatLinkClicked() on the valid chat object? RightNow.Client.Controller.addComponent() does not return a value. I've not found a way to obtain a reference.

I'm hoping I can save a reference to sccl_0 or equivalent in one of the events where I can subscribe (evt_widgetLoaded, evt_widgetDefinitionResponse, evt_dataRequest, evt_beforeDataRequest).

TIA for suggestions or advice.


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