Custom Processes

Using PSLog Library within CPM


I have an interesting situation....

I am using a CPM to try and write to PSLog.

While I am able to instantiate the class from the /cp/lib directory and call the methods I am unable to produce an entry in the logs.

The ID will increment but the row is not visible.

If I attempt to log something from the CP Pages; everything works perfectly fine.....

Any ideas?

How to call an External survey and give Customer contact details as parameter to external survey page

i would like to redirect external survey (Survey which hosted on external webpage) when chat disconnected and provide Chat ID, Customer Name, Email Address to that external page?
we have close_redirect_url attribute to redirect page when click disconnect button but not sure how to send contact detail to this page, can anyone help me on this.

Thanks in Advance.

Integration with Contact Center Software

Hi, we are integrating Oracle Service Cloud with our Anywhere 365 platform. AW365 currently handles all phone and SMS text inquiries.
We are able to retrieve contact information, including incidents from Service Cloud and display them in our AW365 console window.
The part we are having problems with is being able to click on the contact that is pulled from Service Cloud and open that corresponding contact in the Service Cloud console. Agent will be logged in.
Same goes with the incident. Click on the Incident in AW365 and open that incident in Service Cloud.

Chat persistence and embedded

I wanted to ask a question about a new functionality I am working on. We would like to embed the RightNow Chat into an iFrame window on our main site. We need the chat to be able to rebuild itself on any pages on our site. I have been reading the Chat.Communicator.js, Chat.Model.js, Chat.Controller.js, and the Chat.UI.js files to understand how the system treats closing the window, disconnections, reconnections.

Unable to update Organisation Custom Fields

Hi All,

We are on Feb 2016 version of Oracle Service Cloud, and have the attached CPM code written which we would like to use to populate the data from one set of custom fields (Office Address) to another set of custom fields (Shipping Address).

But we are unable to achieve the expected result.

Your help would be appreciated.


Abusable Functions in CP, CPMs, and Custom Scripts

When calling create and update functions from within Customer Portal code, the system requires the use of checks via the RightNow\Libraries\AbuseDetection library method isAbuse(), to ensure the CP endpoint is not under a DOS or similar attack. This is helpful, in theory at least, because it ensures that your CP site is mostly protected from these sorts of attack, but this can cause major headaches when building out more complex solutions. 3 out of 4 scenarios below require some level of workaround, depending on your use-case:

Mobile Field Unique

I am new to this. I want add duplicate check on mobile filed in rightnow console agent desktop.

my logic is to get count something like this SELECT count(CustomFields.c.Mobile) FROM contact WHERE CustomFields.c.Mobile = entered mobile field

if count result is greater then zero than it should throw an error, I need help with code

Async CPM Development and "My Code's Not Updating!"

While developing asynchronous CPMs, you'll notice that when you make a code change, the site logic may or may not update immediately. In fact, sometimes you may run the CPM and it will appear to use your old code, then the next time it will use your new code, then vice-versa! This is due to the fact that Oracle 'caches' the async code in memory

Update a customfield of a Contact

How can i update a customfield of a Contact.

1. $contact->CustomFields->c->camp_nombre (not working).
2. $contact_campana = "UPDATE Contact SET CustomFields.c.camp_name='".$valor1."' WHERE ID = '".$contact_id."'"; (not working)


Custom Processes Not working properly

Dear Team,

At particular status we are moving data from "incident" to "employee object(Custom object)". It is not working properly. Suppose if we create employee at particular incident status with custom process and try to update the same immediately, it is not working, if we test it after 10 to 15 minutes its working fine but immediately it is not working, we are confusing.

Thanks in Advance


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