Custom Processes

Duplicate Contacts and Unique Fields

In order to reduce duplicate contact records, it would be useful to be able to specify unique contact fields (such as mobile phone number, or a particular custom field), similar to how email addresses are handled as unique identifiers. If the client needs a full-fledged solution for this across their entire system, this is difficult to do from a purely technical level. Most clients simply train their agents to first search for existing contacts and have a business process for merging duplicate contacts when manually found in the system, which is good enough for most.

New Site Feature: CX Features by Version matrix

Today I published a document that I've been working on for a while; my hope is to extend the benefit I receive to everyone else in the community. This document is a list of Oracle RightNow CX features by version. This will be a living page permanently in the left-hand navigation of As new CX versions are released, the document will be updated accordingly.

Get updatedtime of customfield

Need to know how to get the updated time of a custom field in Oracle Rightnow.

Debugging CPM's

Hey All,

I am going a bit nuts with debugging CPM's. Yesterday there was a minor issue with a custom field not being big enough to fit the data I was trying to store in there. That field was one of almost 50 the script was copying. Debugging this is such a horrible PITA....

Does anyone have a better solution to debug those scripts? Some things I tried;

Triggering a CPM similar to a Cron job?

I am trying to trigger a CPM to update a contact record when a BO is updated or changed.

CPM script running recursively

CPM script running recursively

Create an incident with a primary contact and a primary subject.

Is there a way to create two contact relationships to an incident? I would like the existing contact to incident relation to work as designed, but be able to add another contact relationship that would act as the primary subject of the incident. AN example would be a customer calling to complain about a retail employee. Both the customer and retail employee need to be associated to the case. Both are created in the Contact Object. The customer calling to complain would be added as the primary contact while the subject (in this case the retail store employee) would be added as a subject of the case.

CPMs: Custom Process Management

Custom Process Models are perhaps some of the most useful features released for developers since custom objects in the Nov '10 release. We now have the ability to run server 'events' on both standard and custom objects. But when you start working with the Process Designer (under Site Configuration in the console) you will notice that the UI and deployment process is extremely clunky. This article describes how to setup a standard CP development cycle to upload code via WebDAV that is directly run in your CPM.

CRM Consultant

Company Name: 

AmberLeaf Partners


Denver, CO
United States

AmberLeaf is seeking a CRM Techno-Functional Consultant to support our growing Operational CRM practice. Candidates will need to demonstrate solid hands-on techno-functional experience translating business requirements to solution design, developing and testing, as well as supporting CRM applications.

We require a 4 year college degree and 2+ years of recent experience with CRM implementation projects including Oracle RightNow,, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle CRM OnDemand, or Oracle Siebel.

Updated: SP5 (in CX 13.2) Commit Bug w/ active CPM

Updated 2013-12-17: Additional tests found that this issue only manifests when a CPM is active on an object. The post has been updated to reflect the new findings


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