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Get the Interface ID in Customer Portal and ROQL

Sometimes you may need the current interface from within Customer Portal. For instance, you'll need to filter on the Interface ID to retrieve a list of all end-user visible Products. There are two ways to do this:

Within a ROQL query

You can use the curInterface() ROQL method right in your query: SELECT ID, LookupName FROM ServiceProduct WHERE EndUserVisibleInterfaces.ID = curInterface() ORDER BY DisplayOrder

Via the CP API


Dynamic Forms - Fixing Oracle's Sample DynamicProductCategoryInput Widget

CX Version: 

Customer Portal's Dynamic Forms functionality is extremely useful, but the sample code provided by Oracle is broken right out-of-the-box due to a CP defect.

Get view value


Hi All,


There is a CP View page which contains a text box and a search button part of the page.

While clicking the search button ,text box value (For Example: incident id)should be passed as parameter to database then

execute the ROQL query against the textbox value.Result of the value display on same view page (For example :subject,email id).

Finally i have to submit the page along with additional values.


That view page has been extended Submit button functionality already.

Abusable Functions in CP, CPMs, and Custom Scripts

When calling create and update functions from within Customer Portal code, the system requires the use of checks via the RightNow\Libraries\AbuseDetection library method isAbuse(), to ensure the CP endpoint is not under a DOS or similar attack. This is helpful, in theory at least, because it ensures that your CP site is mostly protected from these sorts of attack, but this can cause major headaches when building out more complex solutions. 3 out of 4 scenarios below require some level of workaround, depending on your use-case:

New Contact


Please bear with me, I am very beginner in rightnow.

Downloading report from customer portal

Hi All,

I have embedded a report on the customer portal using the "Grid" widget. I want to include a link on the web-page displaying the report to enable download of the report in csv format. Does anyone here have any suggestions on how this can be done? Is there a widget to enable download of report from the customer portal. Any pointers in this direction will be highly appreciated. Please see the attached screenshot of the report being displayed on the customer portal.



Quick Tip: Encrypted Pass Through Authentication (EPTA) Initialization Vectors

When setting up Encrypted PTA, configuring the correct Initialization Vector in the PTA_ENCRYPTION_IV configuration setting can be confusing. I find the setting documentation misleading unless you really understand what it is asking for.

Per the field documentation:

How to include Custom Object in Ask.php?


Hi All,

I am doing some R&D on how to include Custom Object fields in Ask.php file and I am following the example of SiteInfoCustomObject widget

I have imported the Custom Object and copied the relevant controllers, models, widget. But when I click on Submit after filling the details, I receive the following error

Security Vulnerabilites in Customer Portal pagesets

If your Customer Portal site has a "mobile" or "basic" directory and associated pages in your "views/pages" directory your site might be at risk; especially if you don't use these pages! For nearly all sites created since the release of CP2, this will be the case unless you've taken manual steps to remove them.

Duplicate Contacts and Unique Fields

In order to reduce duplicate contact records, it would be useful to be able to specify unique contact fields (such as mobile phone number, or a particular custom field), similar to how email addresses are handled as unique identifiers. If the client needs a full-fledged solution for this across their entire system, this is difficult to do from a purely technical level. Most clients simply train their agents to first search for existing contacts and have a business process for merging duplicate contacts when manually found in the system, which is good enough for most.


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