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CXDev Toolbox - PHP Stub Generator

The PHP Stub Generator is a developer centric tool that enables IDE code completion for the RightNow ConnectPHP API. The tool uses information from your site to create a PHP stub file with PHPDoc comments for every Standard Object, Custom Business Object and Custom Field on your CX site. When the PHP stub file is added to an IDE that supports PHPDoc's (Netbeans, Eclipse, etc), ConnectPHP classes and methods are included in the IDE's code completion functionality.

Bookmarking answers as favourite



I have a requirement where in the customer portal, when the customers of my client login, they see a button named "favourites" in the header. When this button is clicked, all the articles (answers) which the particular login user has marked as favourite would appear. This tab displays different answers for different users depending on their marking.

Now I am not sure if this functionality of marking answers as favourites or bookmarks can be achieved. And if they can be marked, how do we fetch them and display them in the 'favourites' tab on click.

Download Incident attachment from Customer Portal


Hi All,

I am stuck at a project I am currently doing on something that seemed to be the simplest thing ever; downloading an Attachment from an incident without logging in. This is to allow an external party to update the incident. All of the functionality is done, including uploading attachments, except for this little annoying thing.

Mobile Client Considerations

More and more often, clients look for a way to integrate their mobile and web applications with their RightNow instance. The ability to connect end-users directly to the support infrastructure is powerful, but the standard tools RightNow provides don't quite fit the bill.

CPMs: Custom Process Management

Custom Process Models are perhaps some of the most useful features released for developers since custom objects in the Nov '10 release. We now have the ability to run server 'events' on both standard and custom objects. But when you start working with the Process Designer (under Site Configuration in the console) you will notice that the UI and deployment process is extremely clunky. This article describes how to setup a standard CP development cycle to upload code via WebDAV that is directly run in your CPM.

Determining Environment at Runtime

When creating customizations in Customer Portal (CP3), it is important to remember that your code needs to run not only in Production, but should also be engineered to run in a "Clone" environment without modification. This is especially important with integrations to external systems. You wouldn't want non-production data being passed to an external production system.

Siebel webservices from customer portal


Siebel webservices from customer portal

How to get hidden textbox filed value in custom Model (without RNOW widget)



As its known that, uploading large (500MB+) file are not advisable via web (HTTP Protocol), because there always fear of loosing a byte or browser will take long time or browser will not respond.
So, as an alternative, we wanted to implement the FTP solution for larger file to upload.

As mentiond in the code block, based on RADIO button selection the corresponding block will be visible (javascript code is already in place to do it).

There is no custom database filed added.

How to Get Value form a TextInput Widget ?

I am new to Customer Portal. So please excuse the doubts that I'm about to post here.

I've a HTML form under my development/views/pages/CT_Test.php page. In side that page have included two custom widgets.

One was extended form Standard Widget “FormInput” and the other one was extended from Standard Widget “FromSubmit”.

I would like to capture the value entered in the first widget (FormInput) and pass the value to the Second Widget (FormSubmit).

Can anyone let help me out

Thanks in advance.

Unable to parse XML response returned by cURL in Customer Portal


I am unable to parse the response received by using cURL. Having tried all the possible ways to parse the xml response, raising this query on the forum.

Even json object returns NULL, when I try to use json_decode($response);

In addition, it seems CP doesn't support the use of DOMDocument object and SimpleXmlElement() classes as I get the Fatal Error: Class not found.

Below is the code snippet in which I am getting a response but there are issues with the response:

1. The response I am getting is flat text response but not xml, I guess we need to convert the response into xml format using methods like simplexml_load_string($response). But this methods are also not supported in CP. CP version is the latest one and RN version is Feb 14. How to convert the response I get using cURL into xml format?

2. json object get null value in it once i start decoding it (please refer to below code snippet for the same.)

I want to retrieve the particular information from the response like OptyId, Name etc. Really appreciate if anyone can respond to resolve this issue.




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