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CXDev Toolbox V3 Now Available


A brand new rewritten version of the CXDev Toolbox is now available from the Microsoft Windows Store. This new release represents a major step forward for the tool, and it includes new features and improvements that set the stage for future additions.

Get the new version today from

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Toolbox Outage


The service that we use to validate CXDev Toolbox licenses has been down for an extended period and with it our ability to validate licenses. We're working on updates to the toolbox to remove all validation for the interim while we find or create a new licensing service. Rest assured, anyone who has a paid license currently will receive the same level of service or greater in the future.

Sorry for the inconveniences.

First Annual TBD (ToolBox Day)!


The toolbox has been doing really well and I want to thank everyone for their support by releasing a new tool for free. In the last month alone we gained 81 new users and have users from 22 different countries and 19 states in the US. The ROQL Tester is the favorite tool by about 50% with the Account Creator next in line and then the Account Unlock and PHP Stub generator. And most exciting (for me): we’ve got 70% of users on the new 2.0 toolbox. I’ve attached our analytics report to this post if anyone is interested in concrete numbers.

Skype Integration with OSvC Chat



I am trying to achieve Skype Integration with OSvC, i.e., a contact would be available on Skype, and when this contact is pinged on Skype, the Chat Request has to come as a Agent Desktop Chat Request. And the exchange of conversations has to be configured.

Any pointers how this can be configured?


Introducing the new CXDev Toolbox



I’m pleased to announce the release of the new CXDev Toolbox 2.0 for general availability. This release represents a commitment to the toolbox platform and a first step towards greater functionality and utility.

The key features of the CXDev Toolbox 2.0 are:

Integration with Contact Center Software

Hi, we are integrating Oracle Service Cloud with our Anywhere 365 platform. AW365 currently handles all phone and SMS text inquiries.
We are able to retrieve contact information, including incidents from Service Cloud and display them in our AW365 console window.
The part we are having problems with is being able to click on the contact that is pulled from Service Cloud and open that corresponding contact in the Service Cloud console. Agent will be logged in.
Same goes with the incident. Click on the Incident in AW365 and open that incident in Service Cloud.

CXDev Beginners



I am new to CXDev, can anyone suggest how to start with CX RightNow providing some links or tutorials.

Thanks in advance.


Not able to install application.


Hi guys,

First of all really appreciate the work you have done. It solve the lots of problem using this tool.

I have downloaded the setup.exe file from the site and trying to install it but its giving error.

Error description -


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