ClickOnce and the CX Launcher

Working on some yet to be released features for the CXDev Toolbox I have come across a lot of interesting details around the ClickOnce installer and the CX launcher. This article won’t be relevant to a large number of users, but for those few who are hacking around this is for you.

Bulk Delete



Has anyone implemented Bulk Delete with Connect Web Services?

AddIn Post-Build Event v2


When building add-ins it's helpful to copy the compiled DLLs to the RightNow dev mode folder so that they're ready for development testing. If you then automatically create ZIPs of the output then you're ready for production deployment without any additional effort. (This is assuming you publish your add-ins as ZIPs and not DLLs.)

What does "Invalid SAML assertion in security header" mean?


If a profile doesn't have Session Authentication checked and an add-in tries to make a SOAP request (using a connection prepared with session authentication), an error reading "Invalid SAML assertion in security header" will be shown and the request will fail.

Controlling the IE Rendering Mode in a Browser Control

The "Browser" workspace control available when configuring agent workspaces is a powerful feature that enables some really interesting customization and integration options. For those unfamiliar with the "Browser" control, this component allows you to embed an HTML page into a workspace. Besides exposing an API for passing workspace field values at runtime via URL templating, there is also a JavaScript based API for communication between the host workspace and the client webpage.

Data Import


Hello. I need to import many rows into an custom object. Could i data import into a bulk insert? I need to do faster, because the user integrate the data almost real time. Any idea?

Many thanks


I need get data when a contact window is open


Hello to everyone. I am new in RN, but i have more than 10 years as .net developer. I need get data from a web service when then contact window is open. Someone tell me about RN addons (or something like that). Could you please help me?
Thanks in advance

Best regards


C# Batch Create Contact Set Email


I am trying to do a Batch Create of Contacts, I am setting the First and Last Name of the customer, but I am having issues setting the Email Address for the customer. My code is below, any help would be greatly appreciated:

GenericField firstGenericField = createGenericField("First", createStringDataValue(customer.firstName),DataTypeEnum.STRING);

GenericField lasGenericField = createGenericField("Last", createStringDataValue(customer.lastName),DataTypeEnum.STRING);

GenericField[] personNameFieldList = new GenericField[] { firstGenericField, lasGenericField };

PTA errors using Syndicated Conditional Chat Link


I'm simply attempting to implement the SCCL using PTA with encryption and cannot get past encryption issues. I'm using .NET in C# to construct up the encoded/encrypted login string using AesCryptoServiceProvider and it simply will not work. I'm getting errors 3 and 9 seemingly randomly even when my code doesn't change. Really frustrating.

Here is what I have...

Config on the server:

How to Work with ROQL

Hi All,

I am new to work with ROQL. Can any one tell me how to insert a data into rightnow through ROQL?
please give some examples..


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