Determining Environment at Runtime

When creating customizations in Customer Portal (CP3), it is important to remember that your code needs to run not only in Production, but should also be engineered to run in a "Clone" environment without modification. This is especially important with integrations to external systems. You wouldn't want non-production data being passed to an external production system.

How to Get Value form a TextInput Widget ?

I am new to Customer Portal. So please excuse the doubts that I'm about to post here.

I've a HTML form under my development/views/pages/CT_Test.php page. In side that page have included two custom widgets.

One was extended form Standard Widget “FormInput” and the other one was extended from Standard Widget “FromSubmit”.

I would like to capture the value entered in the first widget (FormInput) and pass the value to the Second Widget (FormSubmit).

Can anyone let help me out

Thanks in advance.

Accessing 3rd party libs in the Portal


Unable to parse XML response returned by cURL in Customer Portal


I am unable to parse the response received by using cURL. Having tried all the possible ways to parse the xml response, raising this query on the forum.

Even json object returns NULL, when I try to use json_decode($response);

In addition, it seems CP doesn't support the use of DOMDocument object and SimpleXmlElement() classes as I get the Fatal Error: Class not found.

Below is the code snippet in which I am getting a response but there are issues with the response:

1. The response I am getting is flat text response but not xml, I guess we need to convert the response into xml format using methods like simplexml_load_string($response). But this methods are also not supported in CP. CP version is the latest one and RN version is Feb 14. How to convert the response I get using cURL into xml format?

2. json object get null value in it once i start decoding it (please refer to below code snippet for the same.)

I want to retrieve the particular information from the response like OptyId, Name etc. Really appreciate if anyone can respond to resolve this issue.



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Useful Constants in Customer Portal (CP3)

The Customer Portal framework has a very long list of defined constants somewhere in the 47,000 range. Most of these are standard PHP constants or ID's for Config and Message Bases, but inside of this list are a handful of very useful constants that can really help with your Customer Portal development efforts.

wsdl error: phpType is struct, but value is not an array

While making a soap call, getting this error (wsdl error: phpType is struct, but value is not an array: see debug output for details). Looking at the debug log and error statement, it seems there is some issue while passing parameters in array to soap call.

Parsing XML in RightNow PHP

RightNow's PHP build is different than most PHP builds you've encountered. It excludes useful extensions that are assumed to be available by most developers including:

  • SOAP extensions
  • Multibyte String extensions
  • XML Parsing extensions (SimpleXML)

Note: Expat is available in most builds, but it is a very "special" XML library that is event based instead of tree/DOM based. I personally would rather feed my fingertips to the wolverines than use it.

Using cURL in Customer Portal (CP3)

It is possible with most Customer Portal sites to make outbound HTTPS/HTTP calls to external services using the PHP cURL library. CURL is installed and available as a PHP extension that can be dynamically loaded in your scripts.

Retrieving Agent Info in a Browser Control

When building any Workspace in the CX Agent Console, Browser Controls are a powerful tool for integrating external systems and features seamlessly into the agent experience. Browser Controls display a configurable web page inside of the Workspace. Additionally, contextual data from the Workspace can be passed through the url to the web page.


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